A Fresh New Minty Taste

How pleased was I when, upon bothering to actually peruse the available blogger templates, I discovered this gem, very fortuitously and aptly monikered “Jelly Fish”. Apart from looking better than the old template, which I admittedly chose in a blinding flash of indifference upon the genesis of this blog, it is also marked up — semantically — in very swanky transitional XHTML and styled using sensual CSS. Now as some of you may already be privy to, there is nothing that gets me more aroused than a slab of sexy, well formed XHTML; you can probably imagine the raptures I was in, especially considering that I did not have to lift a fat finger to do any of it. On the flip side though, it would seem that the font does not provide an – (unless the designer considered a small rectangular black glyph to be a suitable substitute) and the italics look a bit too, well, italic. I have been informed on many occasions that beggars can’t be choosers and who am I to argue? I may get around to adjusting it to remove these quibbles.In other news, I am currently sampling the polyphonic delights of the new Powderfinger album: Vulture Street, which is shaping up to be very tasty indeed. I am fairly certain after one listening that it exceeds the deeds archived on that other quite nice album: Odyssey Number 5. It is needless to say that I am thoroughly delighted with it.

Hey — just because there is no need will rarely prevent me from doing something — but you knew that already.