In hindsight, I guess it had to happen. You will be able to attribute the lateness and terseness of this post to the simple fact that Microsoft Windows — even in it’s XP incarnation — will invariably pack it in at some point in time. That point for me was yesterday, although the decline in the quality of the installation could possibly be tracked back a few months; yesterday was the definite crunch-time in the grand scheme of things whereby my PC performed the following amazing feats:

  1. Failed to recognise any of my external peripherals.
  2. Decided that it didn’t like the PCI-bus slot that my network adaptor was located in.
  3. Generally spat the dummy at any recovery effort I attempted.

In light of this stupid turn of events, I anticipate the initiation of, the oft enjoyed: Festival of the Re-Install. This event — in the bad old days of Windows 9x — was usually observed at least twice a year; with Windows XP, I have managed to put off celebrating this event for one whole orbit of the sun.

I will endeavour to have a normal post up by this Thursday — I did have so much to tell you.