The Hair Snare

This one starts with a cold open, one right out of the Vince Gilligan textbook, or maybe one from whoever directed that Firefly episode that opens with Mal sitting on a rock, naked, in the middle of a desert. Except this cold open is set exactly four years ago today, and the man isn’t in a desert on a rock, but is slumped over a desk, in a pose that is awkward and certainly unnatural, but mercifully fully clothed. He strains every now and then, each shuddering motion a little more urgent, a little more ragged, but also a little more resigned than the last. “That went well,” Mal quips in his opening, and this man would like to say this too, except he can’t really move his jaw without pain. It really hasn’t gone well either.

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Better off read than dead

Hello everyone—I hope the new year finds all of my friends well and ready to make this year the most extraordinary ever.

Despite the arbitrary nature of where we decide to mark a date on a calendar and call it the start of the new year, I do tend to take the opportunity to make certain promises to myself. You might call them resolutions, but my resolve can be a little bit more ephemeral than that. Last year I decided that I should read more. Now by no means have I earned the modifier “prolific” in my reading, but last year I did read significantly more than usual. Follow me on Good Reads to keep up with me this year where I will be trying to read even more! As an interesting aside, about three quarters of the books on my reading list were read on a Kindle. I guess that means it works.

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