Secularism works for everyone

One of the main objectives of my candidacy for this election is to promote the concept of secularism. I used to think that the word was generally well known and understood, but in the various discussions I’ve had recently it has become apparent that this is not the case. Given how important I think the secular state is for fair and effective governance, I find this lack of awareness alarming.

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Not that I need to tell you how to vote

I’ve fielded many questions about how to vote for me in Sydney or the Secular Party in the Senate.

Here’s the low down for:

Naturally, if you do not find the allocation of preferences on either ticket to your satisfaction, you should modify them to best represent your interests. allows you to fully customise a preference allocation before polling day to make sure your vote counts the way you want it to. Numbering 84 boxes requires some stamina but technologists are certainly doing their democratic bit to help you out!

Authorised by John Goldbaum, 7 Rockwall Crescent, Potts Point NSW 2001.

Surveys: useful or yes definitely

Here’s a brilliantly constructed survey I was sent from FamilyVoice Australia. Apparently you get 10 points for answering “Yes definitely”, 2 points for answering “definitely not”, 1 point for “no comment” and no points for not answering. From the very first question I could tell that this was not going to be a highscore entry for me.

A snippet from the survey
A snippet from the survey

Full PDF version

Why I stand before you

As some of you already know by now, I have nominated myself for the 2010 Australian Federal Election as a candidate for the Commonwealth Electoral Division of Sydney, endorsed by the Secular Party of Australia. It is both an honour and a privilege simply to be able to stand for such office. It is truly a remarkable thing to participate in a society that conducts its affairs in this manner.

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