Conservative Pricks

Ire and frustration. A government that blatantly employs deception and spin to enact its dubious policies. Sheer arrogance mixed with veiled contempt for the represented. A situation which I find beyond amazement, beyond understanding. The Honourable John Howard and his cronies. They do not represent me.

Now the fury. Imagine my utter amazement during this morning’s broadcast of Channel Nine’s “Sunday” program in a segment extolling the successful political career of current Australian Prime Minister John Howard, where I am witness to a statement from the Foreign Affairs Minister, Alexander Downer, in regard (or lack there-of) to the dissenters, the so-called “left-wing” elements of Australian society.

“It makes me happy that they are unhappy.”

This line delivered with a wry grin, dripping with contempt and self-satisfaction. The absolute gall of the man to sit there, reveling in the pain and dissatisfaction of some of his constituents. I assume it must be acceptable though, these anonymous people mustn’t of voted for him in the first place. Therefore they deserve no respect. Not even the fake respect they dole out to those in the set of people who belong to this government’s sycophantic approvers.

Do not be mistaken that I will not rejoice when he and his band of liars are ousted from power and consigned to the long list of megalomaniacs of whom history does not hold in much esteem.

If any at all.